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Biosorption-filtration technology of sewage purification PP258
  • Biosorption-filtration technology of sewage purification PP258

Biosorption-filtration technology of sewage purification PP258

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Application of biosorption - filtration technology is aimed at deep cleaning of household and similar to them in the composition of sewage.

Gist of development
Development is a unique scientific and practical solution thanks to:
- preservation and intensive reproduction of the natural sequence of processes of self - cleaning of water and elimination of negative influence of previous processes on the following;
- Significant increase and rational use of the excess of purification efficiency in processes on the effectiveness of proper biooxidation in them, which results in a multiple reduction in the oxygen demand for biological treatment;
- creation of conditions for the adequacy of self - excited saturation of water with oxygen;
- to ensure the hydraulically - damping self - regulation of processes in non - stationary conditions of their implementation and the absence of the need for maintenance of cleaning by the operator.

Main advantages of development
Structures of installations that implement biosorption - filtration technology can be made of metal, plastic, reinforced concrete, and also have a vertical or horizontal solution. The design of block - modular biosorption - filtration equipment implements these solutions in a wide range of sewage costs, causing:
1. receiving purified water with the values up to 3 mg / l for suspended substances and up to 5 mg / l for the amount of biological oxygen consumption;
2. application in the technological scheme of purification only of a centrifugal pump and a device of ultraviolet disinfection of water with the general repeated reduction of power consumption, which equates to one equivalent inhabitant only about 0, 05 kWh / day;
3. absence of any consumables;
4. Reduction of solid waste generation per equivalent inhabitant from 67 to 20 g / day, or from 1. 34 to 0. 40 liters of sediment with a humidity of 95% ;
5. 2 - 5 days after the accidental renovation of the normal operation of the technology

Market demand
Technology is implemented by the authors "turnkey" on dozens of objects in most regions of Ukraine and tested in Algeria and Belgium.

The state of development
A complete set of design and engineering documentation for sewage treatment plants, capable of serving from 50 to 50 000 equivalent inhabitants and which can be objects of implementation both in Ukraine and abroad, is developed.

Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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