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Chemical substances and compounds

Innovative technologies of high efficient functional coverings PP129
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PurposeThe development concerns new technologies of covering formation with multicomponent galvanic alloys, monometallic and complex oxides and composite materials on a metal base, strengthened by nanosized oxides. Main characteristics. gist of developmentCoverings on light metals (aluminum,...
Group: Protective Coatings & Materials
Adjuvant Fe-Zn coating for increasing solidity of adhesive connection of steel products with coatings of different purposes PP133
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Purpose and areas of usageThe development belongs to the field of surface processing of metal products, in particular the pre - treatment of steel products before applying metal, polymeric or composite coatings of various purposes. It is designed to increase the solidity of their adhesive...
Group: Protective Coatings & Materials
Coating strengthening of details surface from metal alloy PP135
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Purpose and areas of usageThe developed method makes it possible to significantly increase the term of use of quick deteriorated parts. It is aimed at a significant increase in the resource of the parts of the assembly or machine in a whole It is also aimed to increase their reliability and...
Group: Protective Coatings & Materials


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