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Dehydrated hydrogel therapeutic bandages PP0248
  • Dehydrated hydrogel therapeutic bandages PP0248
  • Dehydrated hydrogel therapeutic bandages PP0248

Dehydrated hydrogel therapeutic bandages PP0248

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Purpose and scope

Dehydrated hydrogel therapeutic bandages are used to treat burn, trophic, postoperative wounds, as well as to protect the wounds from bacterial and mechanical damage. The peculiarity of their application is that in health facilities there is a completely dehydrated hydrogel dressing without medical preparations. The doctor decides to fill the hydrogel dressing with the appropriate means depending on individual characteristics, patient needs and wound treatment stage.

Main features of the development

The strength of the reinforced hydrogel band on the compression is 90 - 120 kPa with a relative deformation of 85 - 90% , the strength of a similar unreinforced hydrogel of the same composition - 20 - 25 kPa. Tensile force is determined by the strength of polypropylene grid reinforcing hydrogel. The reinforced hydrogel fabric doesn`t collapse and maintains the relative strength of the degree of swelling of 90 - 120, while its thickness increases from 4 to 15 - 20 mm. The thickness of the dehydrated hydrogel fabric is 0. 1 - 0. 2 mm

Main benefits of development

The advantages of dehydrated hydrogel bandages are their high physical and mechanical properties, lower cost compared to imported analogues, ease of use and unlimited shelf life.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

The development is patent protected.

Market demand

Dehydrated hydrogel bandages can be used in medicine, pharmacy, cosmetology.

The state of development

A technological scheme of industrial production was developed, a pilot plant was manufactured and put into operation. Was received the permission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for use as medical supplies. An industrial party was released.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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