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Electroconductive composite material PP124
  • Electroconductive composite material PP124

Electroconductive composite material PP124

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The composite material based on 18 - molybdodiphosphate polyurethane is intended for the determination of reducing agents, oxidants, redox potential in biomedical and clinical trials, research on contamination of raw materials, environmental objects, in the analysis of pharmaceuticals, agricultural products and food products.

Gist of development
The synthesis of polymer composite materials with 18 - molybdodiphosphate on the basis of polyurethane and graphite powder as electroconductive material was carried out. The developed material uses an 18 - molybdodiphosphate reagent - oxidant that interacts directly with a detectable substance, detecting changes in the concentration of the reagent, which provides greater reliability and accuracy of the analysis.

Main advantages of development
18 - molybdodiphosphate is a promising reusable redox reagent. Its reaction with some substances occurs almost instantaneously. It is possible to identify several substances in a coherent presence. The created electrochemical electrode for the identification of reducing agents has improved analytical characteristics: expressiveness, ease of execution, reproducibility, versatility, sensitivity, long term service.


Market demand
Composite material and electrochemical electrode can be used in analytical laboratories of chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, in metrology centers.

Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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