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Electroconductive fibrous material PP090
  • Electroconductive fibrous material PP090

Electroconductive fibrous material PP090

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The development is intended for the production of military clothing having antistatic properties, special clothing for protection against electromagnetic fields and can be used as an antistatic supplement to textiles and polymers.

Main characteristics of development
The use of the created conductive fibrous material as a textile counter of charges of static electricity contributes to the fact that a long - term material that moves at a high speed (from 30 to 120 m / min) or with a rotation (50 - 300 rpm), loses its electrostatic charge at approximation (0. 5 - 1 cm) or touching the textile neutralizer.

Type of neutralizer

Specific electrical resistance, Оm ∙ m

Voltage of an electric field, W / cm

Developed textile neutralizer

1, 0∙10^2–1, 5∙10^2


Without the use of a textile neutralizer

2, 9∙10^2



Main advantages of development
The developed method for obtaining conductive fibrous material allows to maintain sufficient resistance to wet and dry friction of treated fibrous materials and to refuse to use expensive carbon and metallized fibers. Specific electrical conductivity of the developed fibrous material is 1 ∙ 10^ - 2 - 1 ∙ 10^2 cm / m, layer formation of nanoparticles as a result of the self - organization of polyaniline on fibrous material gives an opportunity to increase the specific electrical conductivity to 1 ∙ 10^3 cm/m.

Market demand
Textile products of technical and departmental appointments with special properties are in demand for the power structures of Ukraine.


The state of development
The laboratory technology for obtaining conductive fibrous material has been developed. Samples have been obtained.

Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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