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 Biotechnology of extraction of methane and fertilization from hydrobionts PP028
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  Purpose and scope.   The development is intended for the production of biogas from the organic mass of hydrobionts. In particular from blue - green algae (Cyanobacteria).   For the purpose reduction of surface water contaminationas as for the use of dazzstat as mineral organics...
Group: Biofertilizers
Multicultural immuno-regulator of plant growth PP024
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MULTICULTURAL IMMUNO - REGULATOR OF PLANT GROWTH Purpose and areas of usage The development is intended to stimulate the growth and development of plants. It increases the resistance to adverse environmental conditions, yield and viability of agricultural plants. It is used for rooting of seedlings...
Group: Stimulators of plant growth (humates)
Usage of colloidal suspension of nanoparticles molybdenum in the  technology of chickpeas growing PP025
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Purpose Application for seed treatment with colloidal suspension of molybdenum nanoparticles in the technology of chickpeas Cicer arietinum L. . It promotes activation of "agronomically valuable" microflora, positive changes in the orientation of microbiological processes in the soil. It also...
Group: Stimulators of plant growth (humates)
Adjustable vibro-granulator afloat nitrogen fertilizers PP026
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Purpose and areas of usage Adjustable vibro - granulator is used in the chemical industry. It is intended to disperse the melt of fuse nitrogen fertilizers on evenly droplets in a granulation tower, followed by cooling and crystallization in solid granules in the process of free fall in the...
Group: Carbamide


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