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Garbage recycling and recycling plant. PP Sater.
  • Garbage recycling and recycling plant. PP Sater.

Garbage recycling and recycling plant. PP Sater.

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Construction of a waste recycling enterprise with phased commissioning of lines with processing of sorting secondary resources (metal, glass, plastic, construction waste) and the biomass of the organic component of household and industrial waste (paper, cardboard, wood, leather, fabric and food waste) with capacities 86,000 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) per year, each generating 6 MW of electricity per hour.

Electricity production from biomass of the organic part of municipal solid waste:


  1. Identification, weighing and calibration of cars from solid waste, radiological and toxicometric control
  2. Sorting department for the organic part of household waste
  3. Sorted, packaged non - organic parts of solid household waste
  4. Conveyor with an electromagnet for supplying biomass of the organic part of household waste to the Zhivoy Dnogo accumulating feed conveyor.
  5. Zhivoy Dnopok accumulative conveyor (daily fuel supply) for uniform fuel supply to the steam boiler
  6. Steam boiler Hurst Boiler
    • steam pressure from the boiler 37 bar
    • steam temperature from the boiler 440 ° C
    • used the rule of observance of flue gases at a combustion temperature of at least 2 seconds and excess oxygen
    • regulation of the concentration of oxygen in flue gases
    • the use of raw materials (fuel) biomass with a total humidity of 55%
    • removing ash (as organic fertilizer) in a chilled and moist state
    • compliance with all requirements of Ukrainian legislation and standards.
  7. Dimosos hoods flue gas
  8. Electrofilter with flue gas treatment less than 50 mg / m3 of suspended solid particles
  9. Smoke pipe
  10. Condensing steam turbine for electricity production
    • steam pressure 35 - 36 bar
    • inlet temperature 435 ° C
  11. Steam condenser with turbines
    • steam pressure 0.08 bar
    • steam temperature 70 ° C
    • inlet water temperature 25 ° C
    • source water temperature 42 ° С
    • Cooling tower or consumer of warm water t = 42 ° С (after cooling it gives 25 ° С). The consumer may be a greenhouse complex or industrial and domestic consumers.
  12. Turbine generator
  13. Metering
  14. Transformer substation
  15. Condensate pump
  16. Deaerator
  17. Feed pumps
  18. Water purification chemist
  19. Organic ash removal conveyor from the boiler
  20. The composition of organic fertilizers (sols) for implementation

The proposed program will enable:

  • Eliminate gas dependence;
  • Work under the Green Tariff program and significantly reduce emissions;
  • Attract additional jobs;
  • More efficient use of biomass in the form of energy willow;
  • Become the most competitive in the electricity market.

About us:

  • we have extensive experience in the design work on energy complexes.
  • we carry out construction, installation and commissioning: Boiler equipment, Turbine equipment, etc.
  • do repair and maintenance e work for power equipment
  • provide training of personnel to work in the energy equipment
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