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Gas analyzer for natural gas PP197
  • Gas analyzer for natural gas PP197

Gas analyzer for natural gas PP197

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Gas moisture meter is designed to measure the humidity of natural gas. Measurement units can be relative humidity, dew point temperature, mass fraction of humidity. The device is dual - channel (dual - frequency) using the feedback principle, which allows to achieve the highest measurement accuracy humidity of natural gas and sensitivity

Main characteristics of the development

The range of natural gas  humidity measurement at the dew point temperature: from - 1 to - 75 °C; operating pressure 1 ATM; measurement error: ±0, 1 °С; gas flow through the analyzer: 2, 0 ± 0. 5 l/min; time of one measurement: 0, 5 min;
the period between measurements
: no more than 1 min; power consumption: less than 30 W; the mass of the sensor no more than 2 kg, treatment unit - 2 kg

State of intellectual property protection

Received 4 patents of Ukraine

Main advantages of the development

The proposed layout differs from the known domestic and foreign analogues by high degree of process automation. Comparatively with well - known moisture brands of  Michell (model CONDUMAX, S4000, DEWMET), Marquis (models GIGROMAT 1100 - 02), Toros, Bovan (model 241), Kong - Prima the proposed gas moisture meter has a 2 - 3 times higher precision, 5 times higher performance. Expected annual economic effect is 32 000UAH, since projected cost of the proposed gas analyzer 48 000 UAH, and foreign - not less than 80 000 UAH Market demand

Development may be in demand on the domestic market

Development readiness status

A prototype is manufactured

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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