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Technology of gas production for cogeneration unit PP154
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Purpose and areas of usagePotential users of this development are enterprises engaged in the processing of various types of biomass, agriculture, domestic consumers of thermal and electric energy. Types of fuel used: solid biomass types: wood waste (cod, bark, etc. ); agricultural waste (sunflower...
Group: Plants for the production of biogas
Composite coatings for leather with added adhesive properties PP062
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  Destination   The development concerns the use of polymer compositions with increased adhesion properties on the skin of modern assortment with a preserved natural faceplate, intended for the manufacture of leather goods of general use (footwear, clothes, haberdashery, etc. )   The...
Group: The equipment for manufacture of a leather
Technology of sweet confectionery with symbiotic PP054
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  Destination   Development is designed to create new products (marmalade, linden sweets and mussel with synbiotic). Which can be consumed by people with a disorder of intestinal microbiocenosis. Consumption promotes the expansion of the range of confectionery products for health...
Group: Confectionery
Acoustic technology of enhancing oil discharge, natural-gas condensate and water wells PP153
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Purpose and areas of usageIncreasing the efficiency of operation of wells at different stages of their processing is the most promising direction in the oil and gas industry. Gist of development The technology of acoustic influence on productive layers makes it possible to increase the oil and gas...
Group: Natural gas
Holographic vision controller PP237
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Purpose and scope The created device is intended for diagnostics and correction of vision. The holographic vision controller  is a unique and effective device and can be widely used in the field of ophthalmology for diagnosis and vision correction. The essence of the development On the basis...
Group: Health analyzers
Multifunctional hardware Barva Therapist PP242
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Purpose and scope Prevention and treatment of the most common human diseases (influenza, myocardial infarction, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer) using photonic technologies. Photo therapeutic hardware complex "Barva Therapist" can be used in...
Group: Hospital equipment
Unmanned aeronautical complex Spectator class Mini PP065
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Destination The development is intended for exploration, monitoring of water and forests areas, oil and gas pipelines, state boundaries, search and rescue operations and aerial photography. Main benefits of development The tactical abilities of an Unmanned Aeronautical Complex (UAC) allow take -...
Group: Pilotless aircrafts
Technology of missile radomes mechanical processing from new construction materials  PP073
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Destination The development concerns the increase of the efficiency of mechanical processing - diamond grinding of thin - walled products of complex spatial shape such as missile radomes  and aircraft from hard - working fragile nonmetallic materials, incl. a new progressive material of Sit -...
Group: Space-rocket systems
 Innovative Products From Forest Residual PP210
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Appointment The development is intended for the use of logging waste, a significant part of which is occupied by branches. They are not used in the manufacture of board materials and fuel due to the high content of bark Main advantages of the development The known structural material - board OSB...
Group: Timber waste
Digital Vibration Digital Gyroscope  for systems of stabilization and integrations PP074
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Purpose and scope Coriolis Vibration Digital Gyroscope (VDG )is one of the most advanced gyroscopic technologies on the world market. This appliance is designed for measuring absolute angular velocity and the angle of rotation, and as part of the stabilization systems and guidance - course, roll...
Group: Gyroscopes
Composite materials based on polymers for high-load, high-heat metal-polymer friction units PP128
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Appointment The obtained composite materials provide reliable sealing of mobile and fixed joints. They have high resistance to destruction under the influence of aggressive media and wear resistance during the tribosystems operation without lubricant or under its limitation Main advantages of the...
Group: Units and details of designs of the equipment
Flexible Photovoltaic Solar Energy Converters PP159
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Purpose and scope Electric energy generation under the influence of solar radiation. Self - contained flexible and ultra - light power supply of low and medium power Main advantages of the development Flexible photovoltaic solar energy converters based on hetero CdS/CdTe system. The most important...
Group: Spare parts for solar systems
Turbo expander-electro generator units on the basis of the  currently reactive and vortex turbines PP156
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Appointment Turbo expander - electric generating units based on the  currently reactive (TEU - CPT) and vortex (TEU - V) turbines are designed to produce electrical energy from the energy of compressed gas or steam, which is now irretrievably lost on regulators and pressure reducers Main...
Group: Turbo expander equipment
Operative management by aviation and machine-building manufacturing information technology PP94
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SCOPE The development is designed to provide information support for adoption processes managerial decisions in the course of technical training, planning and operational management production based on the integration of design, production and reference data taking into account the resources of the...
Group: Devices aviation


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