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Device for determination of hemoglobin ligand forms in blood for express critical states diagnostics PP233
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Areas of usageThe development results can be used in clinical and in extreme field conditions. Gist of development The gist of the development is the use of new approaches to the quantitative evaluation of the ligand forms of hemoglobin and the creation of new information technologies based on it....
Group: Hematologic counters
Optoelectronic complex for peripheral blood circulation state determination. PP234
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PurposeThe optoelectronic complex is intended for the detection of micro circulatory disturbances of the cardiovascular system through the registration, processing and preservation of photo plethysmograms (PPG) of blood vessels with the help of hardware. Gist of development The use of...
Group: Patient monitoring systems
Impulse sterilizer for object treatment with different nature by high intensity pulse PP240
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Purpose and areas of usageThe developed technology of sterilization by high intensity electromagnetic pulses and hardware support can be used for the implementation of sterilizing action on bactericidal microflora (staphylococcus, salmonella, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis) in...
Group: Equipment for laboratory diagnostics
Polypropylene surgical antibacterial monofilament PP241
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Purpose and areas of usageDeveloped polypropylene (PP) monofilaments with antimicrobial properties contain antibacterial additives: polyhexamethylene guanidine chloride (PHMG - C) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs), or a combined silver / silica (Ag / SiO2) nanodobacterium. By their properties,...
Group: Medical goods
The components of radar equipment micro-supercharger PP076
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Destination Micro - superchargers of radar equipment are intended for circulating in a closed circuit in the system of tightness control of technical systems` membranes. Main benefits of development Developed new composites based on aromatic polyamide, filled with a mixture of carbon fibers and...
Group: Radio engineering
Digital sfigmographic system of high authenticity of pulse fluctuation registration PP243
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PurposeThe development concerns the diagnosis of the human cardiovascular system state, the monitoring and control of blood pressure and pulse rate, the readout of local and volumetric sphygmograms for solving the problems of polycardiogram and polysfigmography. Main characteristics of...
Group: The equipment electromedical and electrobiological
Express method for determining the ash content of coal PP196
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The development can be used for express quality determination, including ash content, coal in the mining, power and metallurgy industries. The consumer fuel quality is characterized by the ratio of combustible and non - combustible components. The generally accepted method for determining the...
Group: Brown coal
Gas-diesel system of fuel and engine regulation PP152
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Purpose and areas of usageThe developed gas - diesel system is designed for pre - equipping in the conditions of motor transport enterprises of medium - capacity diesel engines in gas - diesel engines. This system ensures the operation of diesel engines on a mixture of diesel fuel and compressed...
Group: Natural gas
Complex estimation of operation extension of steam turbine great capacity PP149
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Purpose and areas of usageOperation extension of operation of the TPS (Thermal power station) and NPP (Nuclear power plant) with the possibility of estimating the residual life of the power equipment, analysis of the maneuverable characteristics of the equipment of the TPS, CHP and NPP Gist of...
Group: Energy distribution systems
Manufacture technology of glassplastic products with different transversal-isotropic structure PP209
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Provision of a given ratio of strength in the longitudinal and transverse directions in the production of hollow fiberglass products of a cylindrical shape, depending on the distribution of the operating load. Key specifications Main benefits of development - ensure uniformity and stabilityphysical...
Group: Glass-fibre-reinforced plastics
Multi-purpose rotating skull-gunned lance PP165
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APPOINTMENT The development is designed to blow the final converter slag on the oxygen lining converter. It is done with the application through the simultaneous introduction slag layers and changes in the chemical composition and physical condition of the latter by the introduction of solid...
Group: Gunite-powder
Turbodetander-electronic generators based on currently reactive and exciting turbines
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SCOPE Turbo expander - generator sets on the base of jet - jet (TDA - CPT) and vortex (TDA - BT) turbines. They are designed for producing electric energy from the energies of compressed gas or steam, currently irretrievably lost in regulators and pressure reducers. MAIN ADVANTAGES OF THE...
Group: Turbo expander equipment
Heat generating aggregate PP158
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APPOINTMENT Heat generating aggregate is a highly efficient hydrodynamic principle of energy thermal action source. The mechanical energy stepless conversion of the natural engine to the thermal energy of the working environment is realized MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DEVELOPMENT Liquid heating is...
Group: Aggregates
Wear-resistant composition materials and micro-composition steels obtaining PP127
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SCOPE Developed materials and steel are designed for application in the manufacture of high - speed tools and parts of machines and mechanisms. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STATUS 2 patents of Ukraine received and 1 application submitted for a patent of Ukraine. MAIN ADVANTAGES OF THE DEVELOPMENT Wear -...
Group: High-strength steels


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