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Multi-layer functional coatings PP130
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PURPOSE AND SCOPE The development is designed to increase the corrosion resistance and improve the mechanical properties of metal products surface. As well as to impart catalytic properties of the anodes surface in the organic substances oxidation reaction, such as methanol, for the fuel cells...
Group: Fire retardant coatings for metal structures
Medium and high temperature grease for heavy friction knots of sliding and rolling PP126
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PURPOSE AND SCOPE Medium temperature greases are mostly effective for hub bearings wheels, generators, water pumps, for threaded connections, car ball bearings, in the hubs rolls transport lines rolling mills, operation of machine tools and others. High temperature greases are effective for...
Group: Lubricants for automobiles
Flexible photoelectric converters of solar energy PP159
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PURPOSE AND SCOPE The generation of electrical energy under the action of solar radiation. Autonomous flexible and ultra - light power sources. MAIN ADVANTAGES OF THE DEVELOPMENT Flexible solar photovoltaic converters of solar energy are based on the CdS / CdTe heterodyne system. The most important...
Group: Spare parts for solar systems
Information system for the study of the internal combustion engines working processes PP 110
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APPOINTMENT Information and measuring complex for the internal combustion engines (ICE) working processes study allows to obtain the current values of the engine working cycles parameters. It also allows to analyze the performance of the engine. THE MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DEVELOPMENT The...
Group: Engines of internal combustion
Coating strengthening of details surface from metal alloy PP135
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Purpose and areas of usageThe developed method makes it possible to significantly increase the term of use of quick deteriorated parts. It is aimed at a significant increase in the resource of the parts of the assembly or machine in a whole It is also aimed to increase their reliability and...
Group: Protective Coatings & Materials
Installation for rare gas recycling with the reason of reproductive use in scientific area  PP173
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SCOPE In conditions of such rare gases shortage as xenon or krypton, the need for these unique substances can be partially satisfied by recycling and reusable. STATE OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION 2 patents of Ukraine were received. MARKET DEMAND The enterprises that specialize on the...
Group: Air-gas plants
Multifunctional cluster system for reactive ionized plasma synthesis of compositional compounds PP136
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Purpose and areas of usageThe cluster functional unit is intended for the synthesis and investigation of the attributes of nanostructured functional lamina and nanostructured elements. At the unit, the technologies of synthesis of single - and multi - layer coatings of oxides and oxynitrides of...
Group: Electronic components
Genuine leather with the use of modern polymeric materials PP060
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  Destination   The development concerns new technologies that provide the obtaining of competitive genuine leather materials with a more rational use of material, raw materials and energy resources, and also have less negative impact on the environment.   The essence of the...
Group: Genuine leather
Ozone therapy in veterinary surgery practice PP048
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Purpose and scope The proposed ozonotherapy is intended to increase the effectiveness of complex therapeutic measures for wound healing, complicated by purulent infection. Potential development users are clinics of veterinary medicine of various forms of property that carry out the treatment of...
Group: Veterinary products
Rotary submersible tuyere for bucket refining of fusion PP163
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Destination The development is intended for the refinement of metal melts in buckets by injecting gas and /or gas - jet streams into the baths, ensuring a rational distribution of gas and solid reagents along the volume of the bath. Market demand Such tuyeres can be equipped with converter and...
Group: Blast-furnace tuyere
Device for preparing the book spine to the seamless adhesive fastening PP198
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The device is intended for acquisition of equipment for non - interconnecting of blocks, which is widely used in printing houses and is intended for the issue of books in the soft - cover and hard - cover, magazines and other printing products. The effectiveness of the device is to provide cross -...
Group: Materials for binding
Technologies of skin production with the use of montmorillonite dispersion PP061
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  Destination   The development concerns technologies that provide the formation of the structure and operational properties of the leather using modified dispersions of montmorillonite in tanning and post - dipping processes intended for the manufacture of  leather goods of various...
Group: The equipment for manufacture of a leather
Advanced technology of desulfuration by cast-iron kettle magnesium PP148
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Purpose and areas of usageThe proposed development concerns the refining of liquid cast - iron kettle from sulfur by magnesium, which is recovered from oxide in the volume of liquid cast - iron kettle. The elaborated design allows the introduction of the technology of downstream cast - iron kettle...
Group: Industrial plants
Coaxial-linear engine with permanent magnets conducting the working body of building machines and mechanisms of vibrating action PP220
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A coaxial linear engine with permanent magnets can be widely used as an actuator of a work body in vibrating systems in the construction industry and in other fields of activity. For example, during testing various machines and mechanisms. Buildings and structures at different frequencies and...
Group: Vibration motors


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