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Technology and equipment for thermal strengthening of transmission pipeline stamped connecting parts PP219
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It is intended for manufacturing of strain - couplings from connecting parts of main pipelines in diameter up to 1420 mm from low - carbon low - alloy steels (wall thickness from 14 to 100 mm) to the strength level Х 80 (К65). Which allows to provide normalized operational properties and reduce the...
Group: Conduits main (underwater and ground-based)
Technology of iron carbon alloys postal processing  PP147
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Purpose and areas of usageThe development concerns the provision of refining and modification of iron - carbon fusion with active reagents, which are recovered in the melt volume due to the heat of an electric arc. This achieves a significant reduction in the cost of the final product through the...
Group: Industrial plants
Hybrid quadcopter pp068
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Destination Quadcopter is intended for automatic monitoring and scanning of technical objects, including  power lines, oil pipelines and storage facilities; delivery to the hard - to - reach point of small - sized cargoes; observing protected objects; chemical and biological processing of...
Group: Quadrocopters
Cellular biosensor for diagnostics of the autoimmune human pathology PP232
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Purpose and scope The biosensor is intended to determine the microcourses of cytotoxic factors in human serum. The development can be applied in the institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The essence of the development A highly sensitive cellular biosensor has been developed to detect...
Group: Health analyzers
Energy saving technology of manufacture of  high-strength screw threaded products PP145
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Purpose and areas of usageThe technology is intended for the manufacture of rod screw threaded products made of low - carbon or low - alloy steel, which can be used in the form of bolts, screws and studs with a strength limit of more than 800 MPa in threaded joints in machine, automobile and other...
Group: Toothed and threaded connections
Evaluation method of the electromagnetic fields effect and harmful substances for human PP231
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Purpose and scope The method is created for the evaluation of the environment harmful factors` influence on the human body through the evaluation of their effects on the state of the body cells . Key features, the essence of the development The essence of the method is to record the response of...
Group: Health analyzers
Biotechnology of recycling organic waste by vermicultural method PP057
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  Scope of application   Nowadays, after the boom of agricultural chemistry, organic farming is developing more and more, Thisis based on the attention of the inhabitants of the soil and their role in its creation.   The essence of the development   The technology of recycling...
Group: Vermicultures
Energy saving technologies of porcelain products for different purposes PP144
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Purpose and areas of usageThe complex of developments concerning energy - saving technologies of electrotechnical, household and chemically resistant porcelain, intended for use by profile domestic enterprises, provides a significant reduction of energy costs and expansion of the raw material base...
Group: Electrotechnical porcelian
Multifunctional cluster system for reactive ionized plasma synthesis of compositional compounds PP137
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Purpose and areas of usageThe technology for drawing antifriction coatings on lead - based alloys - lead - tin - copper and lead - tin, used in nodes of friction of parts and mechanisms, was developed. Gist of developmentThe proposed electrolytes for electrodeposition of alloys consist of mesylate...
Group: Aluminium antifriction alloys
Lithium durable batteries PP161
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MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DEVELOPMENT Approaches to creating a lithium source are developed current (LDS) system Li - FeS2 which combines high specific weight and volume energy characteristics. Low self - discharge, providing long - term storage (up to 15 years) without loss of energy...
Group: Universal batteries
Waste treatment plant - with capacities of 86,000 tons of solid waste per year. PP Sater
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Construction of a waste recycling enterprise with phased commissioning of lines with processing of sorting secondary resources (metal, glass, plastic, construction waste) and the biomass of the organic component of household and industrial waste (paper, cardboard, wood, leather, fabric and food...
Group: Production equipment
Special cements and concrete on the basis of refractory basis PP213
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Purpose and areas of usageSpecial cements with increased physical and mechanical properties and operational characteristics are intended for lining of high - temperature units of chemical, metallurgical and oil refining industries operating in extreme conditions. Proposed materials can be produced...
Group: Building materials
Especially fast-hardening cements and concrete on their basis PP211
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Purpose and areas of usageEnsuring rapid construction and restoration of concrete and reinforced concrete structures of strategic use, including for increasing the reliability and durability of defense structures. The use of 3D printing of building structures of various architectural forms, where...
Group: Building walling materials
Resource-saving technology of facade ceramic materials PP208
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Resource - saving technology of facade ceramic materials PP208
Group: Building walling materials


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