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Hybrid quadcopter pp068
  • Hybrid quadcopter pp068

Hybrid quadcopter pp068

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Quadcopter is intended for automatic monitoring and scanning of technical objects, including  power lines, oil pipelines and storage facilities; delivery to the hard - to - reach point of small - sized cargoes; observing protected objects; chemical and biological processing of agricultural land.

Main benefits of the development

The navigation system of the quadcopter is a small, autonomous electronic information system. Which in real time with high frequency generates the values of angular velocity and acceleration, orientation angles, linear velocity and geographic coordinates necessary for automatic control of movement of the device.

Main features of the development

Navigation system: size Hybrid quadcopter: weight - 14 kg ( including ICE with fuel stock); flight time - up to 1. 5 hours; payload - 5 - 6 kg.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

We received 2 patents of Ukraine for utility model.

Market demand

The market needs modern navigation equipment, first of all for mobile means of different purposes, which determines the relevance of the development.

The state of readiness of development

The navigation system is being completed and the testing process started. The prototype of the hybrid quadcopter is ready.

Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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