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Innovation: Vibro-diagnostic system PULSE IF0007
  • Innovation: Vibro-diagnostic system PULSE IF0007

Innovation: Vibro-diagnostic system PULSE IF0007

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

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  • Short description of an innovation:

PULSE system:
- Selection of vibration signals from machine complexes (vibration accelerations, vibrospeed and vibromovements) for the further statistical analysis;
- Providing information on amplitude, power and spectral characteristics of vibration signals;
- Diagnosing of machine complexes according to the ISO standards and the corresponding criteria (early diagnostics) without analysis and a stop of the equipment;
- Establishment of the reasons for the increased vibration of the equipment (deficiency of elements of mechanical system, distortions, an imbalance of shaft, etc. );
- Balancing of the rotating elements of machine complexes;
- Establishment of the reasons of failure of the equipment;
- Providing information on need of carrying out (not carrying out) of repair of the equipment;
- Providing recommendations about decrease in level of vibrations;
- Establishment of quality of fastening (including large - size) stationary units of the base;
- Continuous monitoring of a condition of the equipment;
- Providing consultations on necessary (available) diagnosing methods.

  • Type of intellectual property: Two patents and know - how.
  • Object of intellectual property: Industrial sample, software, methodical recommendations.
  • Project stage: Production under the order.
  • Form of participation of the investor: Purchase of the license, technique of search of damages.
  • Volume of investment: €150 000
  • Term of implementation of the project: 12 months for production start

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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