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 Innovative Products From Forest Residual PP210
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Innovative Products From Forest Residual PP210

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


The development is intended for the use of logging waste, a significant part of which is occupied by branches. They are not used in the manufacture of board materials and fuel due to the high content of bark

Main advantages of the development

The known structural material - board OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is characterized by a lot of operational and energy - intensive manufacturing process. It has a density and mechanical characteristics (tensile strength in static bending and modulus of elasticity) is less, respectively, by 25 and 77 % similar indicators of the proposed new wood - composite material from crushed branches

State of intellectual property protection

Received 2 patents of Ukraine for the utility model

The development readiness status

The experimental samples of boards are made. The technology is fulfilled. The technological regulations are developed

The main characteristics, the essence of the development

The technology of rational use of branches as a wood component for wood - board materials by their flattening allows to preserve the fibers natural strength. The raw material for the material manufacture is the poplar branches with a diameter of 13 to 32 mm, which, as a result of crushing, form a weave with elements of 6 - 10 mm thick. After being tarred with phenol - formaldehyde resin, they become the basis of a three - layer pressed material with an average density of 640 - 800 kg/m'. The tensile strength at static bending is 30 - 37, 5 MPa, elasticity modulus - 7000 - 10000 MPa

Market demand

New wood composite material could replace OSB boards in the construction. And the use of waste allowable cut - branches that are burned today, will improve the ecological condition of forest cuttings


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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