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Lightning hazard warning system PP187
  • Lightning hazard warning system PP187

Lightning hazard warning system PP187

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


The system is designed to warn operational personnel of strategic facilities, military units, recreation camps and individuals about the high probability of lightning in the place  in the place where they stay

 Essence of the development

Warning about thunderstorm danger is carried out for 10 - 15 minutes before the lightning discharge in a particular place with a probability of more than 90 % . The system of thunderstorm danger warning is based on the concept of monitoring the atmosphere electric field intensity for the sensors operating use on the effect of corona current from metal rods

State of intellectual property protection

A computer model for calculating the probability distribution of lightning in the elements of the object is protected by a copyright certificate for the work

Main advantages of the development

In comparison with the existing world samples of the atmosphere electric field indicators , the advantage of the developed system is that the effectiveness of the sensor does not depend on the presence of wind, rain and atmospheric pressure fluctuations. The sensor does not contain any moving elements or simulate the movement of electrodes. As a result, the level of energy consumption is an order of magnitude less than that of analogues. Therefore, the time of work in standalone mode (on the battery) exceeds the duration of the thunderstorm period. The cost of the sensor and warning system is several times lower than that of analogues

Market demand

The system corresponds to the modern world trend. Confirmation of this is a new specialized standard IEC 62793: 2016 Protection against lightning - Thunderstorm warning systems. Especially wide application can obtain the stand - alone sensor of electric field intensity for the equipment

Development readiness status

Developed experimental samples that are ready for test operation

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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