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Magnetic fiber material PP091
  • Magnetic fiber material PP091

Magnetic fiber material PP091

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

 Purpose and scope

The developed material is designed for the manufacture of protective clothing for military personnel, coating for body armor, covers and coverlets, as well as for both permanent and rapid temporary shielding of technical devices or personnel from microwave radiation as a textile screen

Essence of the development

As a result of the technological process development, the initial technological parameters are determined. They allow to obtain the saturation magnetization values of the magnetic fibrous material sufficient to acquire the necessary magnetic properties of the created fibrous material containing nanoparticles of iron oxide compounds (magnetite, maghemite). The protective properties of the proposed magnetic fibrous materials are based on the intensive absorption of microwaves by magnetite nanoparticles. The developed materials have saturation magnetization in the range of 2 - 10 A m'/kg

State of intellectual property protection

Obtained the patent of Ukraine

Main advantages of the development

In the screen manufacture from textile materials using nanotechnology undoubted advantage of such high technology products, which together with the high production of modern equipment and relatively low cost of both raw materials and the production process cause the prospects of using the textile materials technology with magnetic properties to create flexible screens designs and electromagnetic  absorbers radiation. Designed textile screen is easy to use. It is flexible, durable, breathable and other operational advantages  

Market demand

Materials can be used in the textile products manufacture for technical and departmental purposes with special properties

Development readiness status

The laboratory technology of obtaining magnetic fibrous material is developed. Samples of magnetic fibrous materials are investigated


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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