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Mobile unmanned aeronautical complex M-10 Eye 2 PP066
  • Mobile unmanned aeronautical complex M-10 Eye 2 PP066

Mobile unmanned aeronautical complex M-10 Eye 2 PP066

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Purpose and scope

The mobile unmanned aeronautical complex M - 10 "Eye 2" is intended for the following tasks: remote observation of objects by air; monitoring of airspace in emergency situations; search and rescue works; telemetry and video data transmission online. Potential users of the unmanned aviation complex are civil airline, power and special structures of Ukraine.

Key features, the essence of the development

Unmanned Aircraft (BPS) M - 10 "Eye 2" is a single - engined  medium - gravity mid - plane with V - shaped tail feathers. The glider is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, some loaded elements of the construction are made of aluminum high - strength alloys.

Basic technical characteristics of M - 10 "Eye 2": maximum take - off weight - up to 4. 95 kg; weight of target load - up to 0. 8 kg; flight time - up to 120 min; maximum flight altitude - up to 2000 m; online video transmission range - 22 km; data channels digital are protected; Type of control system - semi - automatic / automatic.

Main benefits of development

The ability to operate without a base makes it possible to operate the M - 10 "Eye 2" in virtually any placement. Due to the peculiarities of design and small dimensions, UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) M - 10 "Eye 2" has a small optical, acoustic and radar sensitivity. A significant load per unit area of the wing makes it possible to maintain the upper operating value of the wind component up to 22 m/s. The world's analogues of this BPS are: Draganfly Tango; Micropilot CropCam (Canada); EMT Aladin (Germany); Aeronautics Orbiter, IAI Bird Eye 400 (Israel) and others.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

4 patents of Ukraine were obtained


Market demand

The Ukrainian market has a capacity for the M - 10 in the range of 100 - 150 complexes, some of which may be used by civil airlines, and part by intelligence services. The world market can have a capacity of 700 - 1000 complexes.

The state of development

Preliminary and deterministic departmental tests of the prototype were carried out, incl. in the ATO zone.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Take-off weight: 4,95  kg
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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