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Multicultural immuno-regulator of plant growth PP024
  • Multicultural immuno-regulator of plant growth PP024

Multicultural immuno-regulator of plant growth PP024

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Purpose and areas of usage

The development is intended to stimulate the growth and development of plants. It increases the resistance to adverse environmental conditions, yield and viability of agricultural plants. It is used for rooting of seedlings of fruit, berry, decorative and flower crops. Also used for acceleration of root formation during rooting, improvement of planting seedlings of vegetable and flower crops during transplants.

Gist of development.

Multipurpose growth immunoregulator is based on synthetic associations. It contains a full range of microelements in the form of complex compounds in chelate form useful to plants, and is a mixture of crystals of white and gray. Spectrum of action: increases the germination and seed germination energy. It stimulates growth, accelerates the development of plants. Also stimulates root formation in plants; provides active sprouting; improves the survival of seedlings, seedlings and seedlings during transplantation. It increases the yield of different crops by 1 0 - 2 5% or more; improves the quality of the products obtained; shortens the maturity for 10 - 15 days; increases the immunity of plants and effective as antistressant and adaptogen; increases the resistance of plants to adverse environmental conditions; suppresses pathogenic microflora, protecting plants from bacterial and fungal diseases; raises the efficiency of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, reducing their rate of application by 20 - 30%

Main benefits of development

From other industrial stimulants it has a higher biological activity, features of the structure of molecules and the presence of a unique complex of biologically active substances. The original technology of drug production and careful control of its compliance allows you to receive a stimulant that exceeds the effectiveness of known analogues.

Market demand

The initial capacity of the market is 300 - 600 thousand hectares


Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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