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Non-combustible building insulation materials PP123
  • Non-combustible building insulation materials PP123

Non-combustible building insulation materials PP123

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Purpose and areas of usage
It is offered to use a number of non - combustible building insulation materials for: complex insulation of vertical surfaces of various shapes and configurations, building structures, facades and interior surfaces of walls. It can be also used for  insulation and anti - corrosion protection of pipelines and elements of pipeline systems, industrial, boiler and capacitive equipment with a temperature of the coolant to + 160°C, in peak mode to + 190 °C; complex protection of metal constructions with the use of heat - resistant and heat - insulating materials with a high coke residue (up to 60% at a temperature of 600 °C); heat insulation of objects with increased fire safety requirements.

Main characteristics, gist of development
The materials are liquid compositions based on aqueous or alcohol based, which contain in their composition polymer film formers, polymer, glass, ceramic or other microspheres, fillers with low density (wood flour or rice husk), fire retardants and other technological additives. They are applied to the defensive surface using a paint sprayer, roller or brush.
The thickness of one coating layer does not exceed 0. 4 mm, the drying time of one coating layer is 2 - 4 hours at room temperature and 24 hours when applied every 2 mm layer of coating. The maximum thickness of the material is 10 - 12 mm, the density of the finished coating: 0, 35 - 0, 55 g / cm3; tensile strength: 0, 7 - 2, 0 MPa; relative elongation 5 - 15% ; coefficient of thermal conductivity: not more than 0, 1 W / (m∙°C); Specific heat capacity: not less than 1. 6 kJ / kg∙°C; reduction of heat loss with thickness of coating 1 mm: up to 250% ; adhesion to metal and concrete: 1 point; Longevity: 10 - 20 years.

Market demand
The development can be used in housing, civil and industrial constructions, and in heat supply companies

Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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