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Portable water purification plant Sova PP082
  • Portable water purification plant Sova PP082
  • Portable water purification plant Sova PP082

Portable water purification plant Sova PP082

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Purpose and scope

The plant is intended to produce purified, biologically and chemically safe drinking water in the field, in areas of natural and man - made disasters, places of hostilities.

Main benefits of development

The plant provides the quality of cleaning at the level of modern military samples (USA, Israel). It has a lower price, lower cost of water purification and much better autonomy. Compared with modern products for the civilian market, it provides significantly better barrier efficiency (especially for microbiological and viral contamination) and allows the use of not only clean lakes and streams , but also polluted sources - swamps, drainage ditches, etc.

The essence of the development

Due to the use of innovative water purification technology with biocidal polymers, the plant effectively cleans water from organic (pesticides, biological residues, etc. ) and inorganic (heavy metals) impurities, disinfects water from a wide range of dangerous microorganisms - bacteria (dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, leptospirosis), viruses (HIV, hepatitis, Coxaks), fungi (candida, aspergillus). The plant does not require external power sources, it has high autonomy (one set of input materials is enough for a month or more; additional equipment is provided for increasing autonomy). One plant can provide drinking water to a group of several tens of people - small mobile units (intelligence, Special Assignment Groups, block posts, landing). It can also provide drinking water to civil servants and employees in emergency situations - natural disasters, epidemics, man - made disasters, and hostilities. Technology can be scalable to provide drinking water to large units, hospitals, field camps, military units, military towns.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

Plant in the process of patenting. Separate components (reagents, technology) are protected by Ukrainian patents.


Market demand

The main consumers of the development are the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, border guards, mobile crew of the Ministry for Emergencies, other groups of specialists working in areas of emergency, disasters, hostilities.

The state of development

A experimental party is prepared and used, ready for replication.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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