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Pridneprovskaya new meat breed of sheep
  • Pridneprovskaya new meat breed of sheep

Pridneprovskaya new meat breed of sheep

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Pridneprovskaya New Meat  Breed Of Sheep

Purpose and scope

The purpose of the development was creation of a new breed of sheep. It is the basis for a specialized sheep meat development in Ukraine. The scope of the development are agro - businesses of different forms of subordination. The activity is aimed at increasing organic products – meat, wool, sheepskin.

Main Characteristics, The Idea Of The Development

Due to the complex reproductive mating and selective material of Canada, France and Ukraine was created and tested new breed of sheep named Prindeprovskaya meat. The breed is characterized by high rates of meat production and reproductive capacity. It is well - adapted to breeding in various agro - ecological zones of Ukraine. For all indicators in Ukraine there are no analogues to the breed.

The average live weight of rams is found within 115 - 125 kg, adult ewes – 68 - 75, lambs – 68 - 75 kg. The gains of young sheep to weaning is 350 - 400g. The newly formed breed of sheep at age of 6 - 8 months has weight about 22 - 24 kg. The slaughter - out - percentage is 49 - 524% . The breed has signs of polyesterism. Ewe fertility is in the range of 142 - 145% . The use of this sheep breed improves the aboriginal meat qualities by 18 - 24% . The reproductive capacity increases by 12 - 16% .


The new breed of sheep is approved by the Order Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine  “ On the approval of Pridniprovskiy meat breed of sheep” №106, from March 2015. Two patents of Ukraine were received for utility model. MARKET DEMAND The development is necessary for farms of different forms of property.
Its implementation will allow start the revival of the sheep industry, expand production of environmentally friendly products.


Development is ready for implementation.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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