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Reconnoitring receiving system PP103
  • Reconnoitring receiving system PP103

Reconnoitring receiving system PP103

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The system is designed to find and set radiation sources parameters. The main tasks of the project are the development of software for monitoring the usage of radio signals in a certain frequency band. Determination of the load of the observed range. Detecting parasitic emitters. Determination of the field strength at the receiving point from different emitters. Determination of parameters of radiators and coordinates of radiation sources. Identification of the type of radiators

Main characteristics, gist of development.
It is assumed that the software provides an opportunity range of 100 kHz - 10 GHz; sensitivity of receivers 1 - 4 mV. It has dynamic range of 100 dB. Its range of intelligence up to 100 km; issuance of information on the “Oreanda” type of KSA; determination of sources of radiation: survey radar stations, guidance and support stations; radio beacons and means of landing planes, means of communication of airports; GSM - , GPRS - and CDMA - communications; tropospheric and satellite communications; radio stations AM - and FM - bands; civilian radio communication; television, etc.

Main advantages of development
Small in weight and dimensions (portable device). It has the possibility of padding or case sales, low power consumption, the availability of own production and own software, speed and accuracy of analysis of radio signals

Market demand
The main users of the project are military intelligence, radio monitoring and radio control facilities for the use of terrestrial space, the development of SDR receivers and cognitive radio.  

Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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