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Regenerative grain drier PP037
  • Regenerative grain drier PP037

Regenerative grain drier PP037

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The essence of the development

The technical idea of the construction is that the addressing of the energy to the grain flow through the two - phase evaporative - condensation system is carried out. Evaporators heat up flue gases (or any other source of energy), and condensers transmit the energy of the grain flow. Air serves as the only medium that receives moisture from the grain. The absence of direct grain contact  with flue gases guarantees the receipt of  safe product.

Low air flow minimizes energy loss with the exhaust coolant, i. e. high energy efficiency of the dryer. Fuel energy is transformed into the energy of combustion products, which in the evaporator is transformed into the energy of water vapor. The latter is fed into a condenser through a steam line, which is executed in the form of a tube of pipes. The grain moves along the pipes in which the steam condenses, and the condensate along the pipeline returns to the evaporator. The design of the condenser facilitates efficient mixing of the grain flow. The energy of grain evaporation is used to heat the grain before drying. The dryer's drying time is 80 - 85% .

Main benefits of development

The heating of the grain flow before drying occurs in conditions of partial condensation of water vapor from the coolant in the volume of pipes. This makes it possible to return to the grain flow (for it heating) of almost 75% of the energy used to remove moisture from the grain. In addition, the intensity of the transfer of thermal energy from the coolant to the cold grain is significantly increased.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

1 patent received

Market demand

The production of wheat in Ukraine reaches 26. 5 million tons, therefore, grain dryers are in demand for agribusiness enterprises.

The state of readiness of development

An active prototype of the installation was made.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Method of drying:A mixture of flue gases
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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