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Screw Pump With High Efficiency
  • Screw Pump With High Efficiency

Screw Pump With High Efficiency

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Purpose and scope

The screw pump is intended for lifting liquids to a small height (2 - 8 m). Potential users may be water supply and wastewater companies, land reclamation enterprises, as well as enterprises of any branch where it is necessary to raise liquids to a small height.

The essence of the development

Instead of an open screw on two supports, the new design has a central shaft auger and screw helicoidal blades, which are located in a cylindrical body and rigidly connected to it without gaps (forming a rotor - body).

Together with the drive it is mounted on a movable sloping part of the frame on the support rollers. The lower part of the rotor - housing is immersed in the liquid so that it freely enter the spiral opening and fill the first section of the interlope space. When rotating the liquid moves through the spiral channel toward the lifting. Due to the absence of gaps between the blades and the cylindrical body there is no flow of fluid in the reverse upward direction. This in turn increases the efficiency of the device.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

Patent of Ukraine is received.

Market demand

Such pumps can be equipped with all enterprises of the water supply and plumbing system.

The state of readiness of development

A demonstration model of a screw pump was made.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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