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Technology of sweet confectionery with symbiotic PP054
  • Technology of sweet confectionery with symbiotic PP054

Technology of sweet confectionery with symbiotic PP054

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Development is designed to create new products (marmalade, linden sweets and mussel with synbiotic). Which can be consumed by people with a disorder of intestinal microbiocenosis. Consumption promotes the expansion of the range of confectionery products for health purposes.


The essence of the development


Practical measures was developed on the basis of the analysis of the technological and physiological properties of probiotics and prebiotics. They made possibility to get marmalade, lipstick candy and marshmallows using a symbiotic complex.


On the one hand it will enable to introduce physiologically significant micronutrient into population's dietary habits, increase consumer properties and assimilation confectionery. On the other - to attract the attention of consumers to the products produced.


The technology of production of sweets, jelly marmalade and marshmallow with a symbiotic complex, is developed.  It is consists of probiotics - immobilized cultures of bifidobacteria Bifidobacterium bifidum, and prebiotic–lactulose.


Inclusion such products into the diet gives the opportunity to control and simulate specific physiological functions aimed at normalizing the intestinal microflora. Also it will promote immune boost.


Main benefits of development


The developed technologies allow to receive sugar confectionery with anti - dysbiotic properties. In case of dysbacteriosis it  has a health - improving effect.


The use of synbiotic additives allows to achieve the following technological effects:


improving the structural and mechanical properties of semi - finished products, improving the organoleptic properties of finished products,


reducing the content of sugar by 10% in the formulation,


slowing down the process of "drawing" products as a result of reducing the loss of moisture.


Intellectual Property Protection Status


3 patents of Ukraine for confectionery products were obtained


Market demand


The market for the proposed products is wide, because about 75 - 90% of the  Ukrainian adult population suffers from dysbacteriosis.


The state of readiness of development


Industrial testing of technology is carried out at the enterprises of the branch. The technology for small - scale production is worked out, draft normative documents are developed. The technology is ready for implementation.


Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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