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Universal piezoresonance humidity meter solids  PP195
  • Universal piezoresonance humidity meter solids  PP195

Universal piezoresonance humidity meter solids PP195

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Universal piezoresonance meter is intended for operational control of the materials moisture content with discrete structure (grains, sugar, sand, building materials etc. ) using the dielectric method

The main characteristics, the essence of the development

The principle of the meter operation is based on the physical dependence of the substance on humidity dielectric constant. The original design of the piezoresonance transducer allows to form a single approach to measurement. It ensures the versatility of the device and greatly simplifies its implementation.

The composition of the moisture meter: universal measuring cell, the measuring quartz oscillator, mixer, digital frequency synthesizer direct synthesis, microcontroller and an alphanumeric display.  

Main technical characteristics: the upper limit of relative humidity measurement (depending on the substance) - 5 - 30 % ; resolution - 0. 1 % ; the limit of basic error - 0. 5 % , the duration of a single measurement (with loading of the material) - no more than 1 min; battery power - 9 V or stabilized source 9 - 12 V; weight - no more than 0. 85 kg

State of intellectual property protection

Received 2 patents of Ukraine

Main advantages of the development

The humidity meter differs from analogues: high accuracy and increased reliability of measurements; the only universal sensor for all types of materials; the increased resource and durability; digital display of the measurement process; simplicity and convenience of working with the device

Market demand

Universal piezoresonance moisture meter of bulk substances can be used in agriculture, medicine, mining and chemical industry both in portable design and as a part of control and measuring systems for humidity and temperature control

Development readiness status

The experimental sample is made. The preliminary documentation is developed. The expected characteristics are confirmed

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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