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Veterinary preparation MEMBRANOSTABIL PP046
  • Veterinary preparation MEMBRANOSTABIL PP046

Veterinary preparation MEMBRANOSTABIL PP046

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Purpose and areas of usage

The preparation is designed to strengthen the health of newborn calves and can be used in veterinary medicine.

Gist of development

The preparation is a macro - capsule of phospholipid bilayer, filled with water soluble forms of vitamins A and E. The technical decision of a new veterinary preparation is a membrane - stabilizing action. It may be conditioned by the ability of the phospholipids that are part of it to maintain a stable composition of plasmolars of enterocytus. This in turn determines the activity of immunoreceptor proteins of plasmolys of enterocytus of the intestines to colostrum immunoglobulins, promotes the formation of a sufficient level of colostral immunity that protects the animal's organism from pathogens of both infectious and non - infectious pathology. It prevents the occurrence of digestive disorders in newborn calves.


Market demand

The preparation can be used to treat and prevent the immunodeficiency state. It also increases the level of colostral immunity in farms engaged in the cultivation of young animals of cattle.

Information is up-to-date: 10.04.2020

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